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Choose a Quality Carrom Board

Get huge discount on quality Carrom Boards from Indian Shop Melbourne

Shahi India is one of trusted and reputed Indian Shop Melbourne offering hundreds of Indian branded products to the Indians in Australia. From fruits to Frozen foods and from Calling Cards to Carrom Boards, we have everything for everyone!

Carrom Boards exclusively for you!

Shahi India's new range of quality and economic Carrom Boards are exclusively made for you! Now whenever you are gathered with your friends and family, get them play fabulous Carrom Boards games and make the most of the moments. What's more, our new range of designer Carrom Boards has a shining and stunning surface that fastens your games and doubles the thrill!

There is much more than playing games!

There is much more than playing games! While you and your friends are playing games on all new quality Carrom Boards from Shahi India, you will experience something more than playing games, you'll feel comfort, you'll feel excitement and you'll feel complete piece of mind because our exclusive Carrom Boards are made from quality materials that guarantee long lasting surface, full comfort and exciting thrills.

Quality over cost

We have generally noticed that there is always a wide gap between quality and cost. We have had seen in many cases where people who look for quality could not afford the cost because of the wider gap between the duo. At Shahi India, we always work and try to bridge this gap as much as possible and as a result of our constant efforts, we have launched and put on offer many brands that matches both your quality and cost criteria, Our quality Carrom Boards are also one of those products.

Save money and time, buy Carrom Boards Online!

Buying Carrom Boards from Indian Shop Melbourne was never this easy. Shahi India being a premier and prominent shop for Indians in Australia has now its online store, so just come to the Indian Store Online and buy Carrom Boards, save money and save time!