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Shahiindia Blog

  • Spring Roll

    Spring Roll is a popular Chinese snack. It is made with noodles and different types of vegetables.

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  • Besan Ladoo

    Besan Ladoos are not only a favourite sweet for most of the Indians but also an important part of festivals and feasts. It is very easy and quick to prepare. People use this dish in festivals. We can store this recipe for one week to one month in the refrigerator.

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  • Cheese Pasta

    Cheese macaroni or Cheese Pasta is a favourite comfort food for people of all ages. It is very easy and quick to make. This dish needs some preparation before you cook it. It’s inexpensive, tasty and very cheesy.

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  • Sweetcorn and Pea Pancake

    These pancakes are savoury and high fibre, made with juicy, sweet corn, capsicum and peas. These are very easy to make. You can serve it with yogurt or crème for dipping.

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  • Vaghareli Khichadi

    Vaghareli Khichdi is a very popular comfort food among people of Gujarat. Vaghar means nothing, but it just a Gujarati word used for tempering in English and tadka in Hindi. This dish is very healthy.

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  • Spinach Paratha

    Palak Paratha or spinach paratha contains a significant amount of fibre along with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. It is nutritious and yummy Indian flat bread prepared using spinach with wheat flour.

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  • Nan Khatai

    Nan Khatai is an authentic Indian sweet and savoury Eggless cookie that can be easily prepared at home. It is very easy to make. It is spiced with cardamom and nutmeg.

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  • Farsi Puri

    Farsi Puri is a crispy and delicious melt in mouth deep-fried Indian bread. It gets its name “Farsi” from a Gujarati word meaning crispy. Farsi puri is a perfect tea time snack.

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  • Misal Pav

    Misal Pav is a popular dish from Maharashtra, India. It consists of misal and pav. The final dish is topped with potato-chiwda mix, "farsan" or "sev", onions, lemon and coriander.

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  • Sweet Mango Chutney

    Sweet mango chutney is a south Indian chutney made from sweet and ripe mangos along with coconut. Sweet mango chutney goes very well with the dal-rice combination. This chutney is so tasty and good.

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