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Gujiya is a crisp and flaky North Indian Sweet dish. It is made with khoya or mawa. This dish is time consuming but very easy to make and also liked by every age of people.

Wheat flour – 1 cup
All purpose flour – 1 cup
Salt – pinch off
Water – as required
Ghee – 2 tbsp.
Khoya or mawa – 1 cup
Chopped dry fruits (Cashew, Almonds, Pistachios, Raisin) – 1/3 cup
Powder Sugar – 1/3 cup
Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

1. First of all, take one large bowl. Add 1 cup wheat flour, 1 cup all purpose flour, salt, 1 tbsp. ghee and mix well.
2. Now add water little by little and knead medium dough.
3. Cover with wet cloth and keep aside for 30 minutes.
4. For stuffing, take another bowl, add khoya and crumble it.
5. Heat 1 tbsp. ghee in frying pan.
6. Now add crumbled khoya and stir continuously on low flame.
7. Cook khoya till it begins to gather around itself.
8. Now add chopped dry fruits, powder sugar, cardamom powder and mix well.
9. Allow mixture to cool down.
10. Now make small balls from dough.
11. Dust the rolling board with flour. Roll each ball to 4 inch diameter circle with the help of rolling pin.
12. Place 1 tbsp. of khoya filling on one side of circle. Apply water on edges of circle and bring both the edges together carefully.
13. Trim extra edges with gujiya cutter.
14. Now heat oil in frying pan. Add prepared gujiya and deep fry till it becomes golden brown.
15. Our gujiya is ready to serve.

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