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  • Mango Salsa

    Mango Salsa is one type of salad that we can have with any type of dish. It takes only 10 minutes to make this.
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  • Spiced Cauliflower Soup

    This simple veggie soup is low in calories and ready in under some time.
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  • Besan ka Cheela

    Besan ka Cheela is one type of pancake that is made in almost every Indian house as a breakfast. This is a very easy and quick recipe.
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  • Gujiya

    Gujiya is a crisp and flaky North Indian Sweet dish. It is made with khoya or mawa. This dish is time consuming but very easy to make and also liked by every age of people.
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  • Vegetable Sandwich

    Here we have a very simple Vegetable sandwich recipe that your little one will love to eat and also be able to make. This recipe is very healthy for every age of people. The main important thing about this recipe is that you can make it within 10 minutes.
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  • Cheese Potato Balls

    Potato Cheese Balls is very easy recipe which is loved by every age of people. You can make it withing 20 minutes for your kids or for guests.
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  • Carrot Pickle

    Carrot Pickle is one of the popular Andhra style pickle. This pickle can be make under 10 minutes. You can have this with any type of dish.

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  • Peanut Chikki

    A peanut chikki is made with jaggery. It is a perfect snack in winters to keep your body warm. People generally make this dish during the festival of kites.
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  • Chocolate Brownie


    Chocolate Brownie is very easy to make. You can make it in half an hour and enjoy it alone or with ice-cream. Continue reading

  • Rice Cutlet

    Rice Cutlet is one of the easiest recipes. You can make this dish with the help of left over rice. To make this dish you need just cooked rice and some routine spices and vegetables.

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