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    Spirituality is a sacred sense; way greater in leaps and bounds than a mere concrete world we see. An individual is searching for day in and day out, the realm of spirituality be it through religion, meditation, yoga, or even personal reflection. Spirituality brings forth a fresh breath of optimism, compassion, vitality etc.

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  • An Insight of the Product - Himalaya Liv52

    Himalaya Liv.52, also known as Liver Care, is a herbal formulation for liver problems that is the World’s #1 Liver Support Formula.Liv.52 maintains the functional efficiency of the Liver. It detoxifies and protects the liver cells from harmful toxins.

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  • 3 Things you must know: Online food shopping

    3 things to know before you start online food shoppingWe are progressing day by day with the excellent help of internet that is making lives of people easier and easier. From some idle surfing to some potential shopping, it almost serves the purpose of all. Lately, it has come up with a new feature called 'online food shopping'. Accessing it lets you purchase grocery online at your convenience within the allotted amount of time.

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  • Beetroot Tikki: A Delightful Evening Snack!

    Healthy to eat beetroot tikki recipe, a delight to your taste buds!

    Beetroot_Tikki_RecipeWe are sure you all must be fond of Aloo Tikki that makes for a great evening snack. But today we have got for you the recipe for Beetroot Tikki which is not only simple but is a healthy and delicious snack flavoured with black pepper and cheese.

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  • Buying Online Grocery: The Useful Tips to Ensure Healthy Shopping!

    When you have to buy online grocery, there exists a great deal of comfort and ease as you don't have to roam around to find out your desired product lime you do in the supermarkets.

    However, while doing online shopping, there are certain things that you must keep in mind so as to save more of your time that is consumed in thinking about the products you need to buy.

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  • Cheap calling cards - pocket friendly way to connect

    If you are living in Australia with family and set of friends still based in India then you must look out for cheap calling cards for India. These telephone cards give you the freedom to call people back home at most affordable prices. The best way to save your pocket from huge amounts in telephone bills, these cards are worth an investment.

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  • Discounts - a big draw for buying online grocery

    Variety and discount are two basis on which online grocery market survives. The Australian online store giants like Woolworths and Cole are famous for offering variety of stuff while other smaller web stores from where people buy online grocery are more into discounts. The prices of stuff and free shipping charges make a huge impact by drawing consumers towards the store.

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  • Technology assures safety in buying online grocery

    Technology has given speed to daily chores. Everything becomes an easy task with the World Wide Web. Starting from finding stuff to buying is just one click away. Its prevalence is growing due to the fast delivery system, authentic products and time saving method. Due to all these merits an increasing number of people buy online grocery while sitting in their cosy homes.

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  • Calling cards India - economical and smart ISD calling solution

    Calling cards have been in usage since many decades. This service is most beneficial for people who make ISD calls on a frequent basis. The idea is to communicate at distant places at cost effective rates. With a huge Indian population in Australia, calling cards India are highly availed. There are various companies offering diverse types of telephone cards.

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  • Enjoy LIVE Gujarati comedy play 'Ka Kanji no Ka' in Melbourne

    Good news for the Gujju community in Melbourne! Get a dose of comedy by the famous Bollywood comedian and Gujarati play actor Tiku Talsania 'LIVE' in Melbourne. He is coming here for giving heavy entertainment through his Gujarati play 'Ka Kanji No Ka'. The highlight of the play is that it is the extension of the play 'Kanji Vs. Kanji' which has been an inspiration behind the super hit Bollywood movie 'Oh My God!'.

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